My rise to the promised lands ā€“ Gateshead FC –Season 1 Review–

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my 1st season is over, very tough with alot of problems with players contracts, players wanting to leave to go to bigger things. I stuck at it and tried to play as much youth as I could, having 4 17 year old players in my x16.


So, how did my season go you will want to know, since my 1st update was half way through season and I was already out of the cups I will focus on the Skrill Premiership so here we go:


I wanted to push on in the 2nd half of the season, I had a couple of games in hand and in the 2nd half of the season I was due to play alot of home games so I had faith I could push for the playoffs this season which would have been amazing…

Gateshead_ Fixtures Schedule

as you can see there is alot of green which I was very happy to see šŸ˜€ below I will show you the final table and as you can see it went a lot better than expected, I had a great end to the season, I broke the record also for most goals ever in the Conference Premiership scoring 114 goals

Skrill Premier_ Overview Stages

I did it, I was expecting a couple of seasons to get me into the Football League but no! I am playing in ‘Sky Bet League 2’ next season šŸ˜€


Paul Wandless_ News Inbox-2

As soon as the season was over they offered me a new contract, I was very happy to sign a new deal but I did change what they offered, they offered me Ā£525 per week, I changed this to Ā£180 to save money for next season, also I asked for a 5 year deal

Paul Wandless_ News Inbox


Here are 2 of my best players, 1 is a 17 year old academy player, he was fantastic, playing on the wing cutting inside, I want him to gain experience on the wing before I give him the chance in his favorite position of striker, I expect all my players to be versatile no matter of their age šŸ™‚

Boyes will be leaving the club in the summer even though he was my best player, he is wanting 2k per week in wages and I do not think hes worth that, stepping up to Sky Bet league 2 I think he would struggle so if im going to spend 2k per week I want it on a world beater haha

Adam Boyes_ Overview Attributes

Callum Challinor_ Overview Attributes



Join me next season in:



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My rise to the promised lands ā€“ Gateshead FC

Hello guys, I decided to start as Gateshead FC, a local team to Newcastle Untied, my childhood club, I decided that I would try to take them to the heights they have never been to:

gateshead logo

Step 1: Financial security and building a base to push through the leagues, after viewing the club, they are struggling financially. I hope a good cup run will help me improve aswell as promotion as fast as possible. I need financial backing to push through the leagues and with no rich chairman this needs to be done with great purchases and sales in and out of the club.

I am half way through the league season now and looking to update, I will be doing 2 updates a season, half way through and at the end of the season, In pre season I did well, only losing 1 game and that was against Newcastle United. I did not make any signings in pre season, only bringing in 2 players in the 1st half of the season, Mark Wilson and ex Cardiff Midfielder Mansaray who I feel could progress in the club, if he proves this I will screenshot him, for now hes not worth it :pĀ I released 2 players, Curtis and Turnbull both due to wages and me trying to save money, this saved me 4k per month, does not sound alot but was a big help

skrillMy board expect me to finish in a respectable position in the league, I went into the league playing a 4-5-1 formation as I show you below

Gateshead_ Tactics Overview

This formation is doing well in the league, I play a very short passing game where I hold onto the ball as much as possible, I dominate most games possession wise aswell as playing some great football for such a lower league game. As you can see from the screenshot of the games, when my team scores and plays well I play very well, scoring many goals:

Gateshead_ Fixtures Schedule

Skrill Premier_ Overview Stages

as you can see I have some games in hand over other teams around me.

FA CupThe FA Cup, one of the best competitions in the world, I had visions of me making the 3rd round, playing away to Newcastle United, I was so close but my team failed against a team from the same division šŸ˜¦

Gateshead_ Fixtures Schedule-2

Better luck next year šŸ™‚

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